Edouard Dubiton

Edouard Dubiton does not see the world the way most other people do. He discovered photography while stationed in Iraq, and quickly realized that this new hobby was more than just a creative outlet; It was a passion. His experience as a deployed soldier in the Army (56th BCT) enabled him to find beauty and artistic substance in precarious situations. He knew that if we was able to find elegance in the most trying of times, he could easily do this for the happiest of times.

Upon his return to U.S. he furthered his education in Photography and Multi-media, and was able to fine tune his art even more. Edouard has 4 years of experience as the Director of Graphic Design for an international security company, and 5 years of experience in freelance photography. It was during this process that he decided to embark on his own, and form a company dedicated specifically to capturing the special moments of a person's life. Since then he has photographed weddings, engagements, aviation events, and charitable functions for individuals and corporations all over Houston.
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